South Texas Hog and Javelina Hunting

What a Blast!

These hunts are conducted late January through mid-March respectively, after deer season, while it's cool and the wild game are used to coming to the feed from the years’ closed deer hunting season. We have several ranches scattered throughout the South Texas brush country and the Hill Country area around Austin / San Antonio insuring you have a good hunt. Ranches vary in size from 1,000 to 15,000 acres.

We only hunt a particular ranch for a week or so before moving onto another which aids in our hunters in always being on fresh game which equates to usually higher success rates. Long before your hunt, we will have set up rifle & archery stands, and have filled corn feeders at different ranches to keep the hogs and other game coming to them without being molested so that every hunter has an equally fair chance at non-pressured game.

Hunts are a semi guided type of hunt, where once you arrive at ranch, we will show you around the ranch to familiarize you with stand locations and lay of the land, then "turn you loose" to do your own hunting. We will also advise you on which areas of the ranch look more promising than others so that your chances of harvesting go up, instead of you going in blind and wasting precious hunting time trying to find game "hotspots".

Brent, personally, will be at the ranch for any help you may need during your hunt at all times, and will feed stand location roads every afternoon also aiding in drawing the game out of the brush and cutting down on your valuable hunting time.

All of our ranches have lodging accommodations with all the comforts of your own home. If you would like to bring and stay in your own RV you may do so instead of using our lodging.

Space is limited so that we do not crowd hunters
We allow night hunting
Hunt with any weapon except fully autos
Two trophy javelina
No Trophy or Hidden Fees

We Supply:

  • Lodging
  • Corn is supplied at ranch at bulk pricing costs
  • Free tracking of wounded game with lacy dogs
  • Skinning of game for a fee if you wish

You Supply:

  • our own food and drink
  • Transportation while hunting
  • Weapons
  • Skinning of game
  • Costs of corn / attractant

(Call for details & pricing)

Pricing Each Hunter Includes Lodging:

  • 1 day $250
  • 2 days $500
  • 3 days $600
  • 4 days $800
  • 5 days $1000

Plus cost of corn. (typically $50 per hunter)

Javelina hunt cost may vary. Inquire for details.