Book A Trip Prices listed DO NOT apply to parties of 6 or more. Please call or email for pricing.


(select all that apply)

1-2 ppl Sunday – Friday $500
1-2 ppl Saturday $600
3 ppl $600
4 ppl $800
5 ppl $900
6 ppl $1000


1-5 Persons 2 Hour Trip $300
Each Additional Hour $100


(No Fishing)

1 Persons GUIDED Hunt Only $250
2 Persons GUIDED Hunt Only $400
2 Persons UNGUIDED Hunt Only $300
3 Persons GUIDED Hunt Only $600
3 Persons UNGUIDED Hunt Only $450
4 Persons GUIDED Hunt Only $800
4 Persons UNGUIDED Hunt Only $600
5 Persons GUIDED Hunt Only $1000
5 Persons UNGUIDED Hunt only $750



1 Person Combo $500
2 Persons Combo $600
3 Persons Combo $900
4 Persons Combo $1,200
5 Persons Combo $1,500


1 day $250 each hunter
2 days $500 each hunter
3 days $600 each hunter
4 days $700 each hunter
5 days $800 each hunter


Deposit Only NON-REFUNDABLE $1,250

I understand I can add more people to the party should case arise for an additional charge at time of trip WITH AS MUCH ADVANCE NOTICE AS POSSIBLE.
I understand that my credit card provided WILL NOT be charged unless I should have to cancel 30 days prior to my trip, and/or if I cannot replace the amount of people originally booked, or if Brent Hopkins cannot re-book the day for me.
I understand that Brent Hopkins / Ace In the Hole Guide Service prefers to be paid with cash or check at time of trip.
If I choose to pay with credit card, I understand there will be a 5% surcharge, or $25 minimum of total cost for doing so.

All charges, including cancellations made to credit cards and/or statements, will be shown as ACE IN THE HOLE GUIDE SERVICE.

This contract reserves the date, or dates in which I have stated, without Ace In The Hole Guide Service waiting for money in mail.


Ace In The Hole Guide Service
Brent Hopkins
215 Lamar Drive
Rockport, TX 78382
MB 361-534-4007
FAX 361-729-6911

I the undersigned, hereby authorize Brent Hopkins to charge my credit card for purchases made by and/or for me by my authorized employees. This allows Brent Hopkins remote access to charge my account without the credit card at the time of purchase.
The following information is provided exclusively to Brent Hopkins and is for the express purpose of purchasing those items / services in which Ace In The Hole Guide Service / Brent Hopkins sells.

It is hereby understood that any and all charges made by me or one of my authorized employees on my above credit card to Ace In The Hole Guide Service / Brent Hopkins will be honored by me.

*I have read and hereby agree to all terms and conditions stated herein.
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