Capt. Brent Hopkins
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Ace in the Hole!


South Texas Hog and Javelina Hunting

What a Blast!

These hunts are conducted late January through mid-March only, after deer season, while it's cool and the wild game are used to coming to the feed. We have several ranches scattered throughout the South Texas area insuring you have a good hunt. Ranches vary in size from 1,000 to 6,500 acres.

Basic Rates

  • All ranches have accommodations at no charge
  • Space is limited so that we don't crowd our hunters (6-10 hunters)
  • Harvest as many hogs and varmints as you like
  • Only 2 Javelina per hunter
  • We allow night hunting

You may hunt with any weapon EXCEPT for semi-automatic military type weapons and pistols.

You Supply:

  • Your food and drinks
  • Corn for attractant
  • Skinning of game
  • Bow hunting stands

Call for more details


Prices are per hunter
2 day hunt minimum
1 person 2 day hunt
3 day hunt
4 day hunt